Block Chaplain


The Sunbury Chaplain’s Office is a multifaceted ministry with the focus on “Block Chaplains”, Prayer Groups and institutional chaplaincy. While praying for God’s leading for a ministry in which Jesus can impact Sunbury, The Lord has made it clear that there exists a need to reach Sunbury residents in a way that establishes ongoing relationships with the residents of each city block with a team of Christian brethren willing to serve that block of residents over time in Jesus’ ministry. That facet of the ministry is described in the following Vision Statement:                                              .

Block Chaplaincy is a way to effectively accomplish Christ’s work in Sunbury.  Chaplains are ministers that meet the needs of those in physical and spiritual crisis and facilitate their needs through their own relationship with Jesus and connections to other Jesus ministries and community services.  Through a consistent relationship of love and support with the block chaplains, residents will believe that Jesus cares for them right where they are in life. Through faithfulness, unceasing prayer and the leading of the Holy Spirit in their ministries, chaplains will earn the trust of the residents on the blocks they serve.

Contemplating the ministry through prayer with pastors and other brothers in Christ it has become clear that if we approach the residents of Sunbury with a self-serving agenda, the ministry will not accomplish God’s purpose for it. In chaplaincy work, ministers are not representing any single church group, but Jesus on the whole. It is a ministry where church affiliation is secondary to the great commission. It is less about how we are knit to each other but rather how we are individually knitted to Jesus. In that individual bonding to Christ we become brethren as God’s adopted children. It is in the coming together of brothers and sisters as bondservants of God through our individual walks with Jesus that God will bring His salvation and discipleship to Sunbury residents.

When chaplains offer their time and work in love and in obedience to the Lord, He will bless the participating churches in Sunbury by bringing a pattern of obedience to God’s calling back to the church body.  The Holy Spirit will guide those who are reached through chaplaincy. When the question of ‘which church should I attend?’ comes from those Jesus saved and discipled, the chaplain can offer a printed biography of the participating churches and their particular theological distinctives for the resident to consider in prayer.

There are several other layers to the Sunbury Chaplain’s Office such as hospital, police, and fire, school and city administration chaplain services. There will be training in Pastoral Crisis I and II based on Critical Incident Stress Management protocols. We offer our certified PSI -1, PSI -2 and CISM chaplain services in any capacity needed from critical incident rapid response to critical incident stress debriefings.

            The goal of the Sunbury Chaplain’s Office is to associate with and accept volunteers from all Sunbury area Christian churches; to minister to the residents of the city block by block, institution by institution without bringing a self-serving personal, social, political or church agenda into the process. This is a Jesus “said”, Jesus led ministry. Personal spiritual accountability always remains to Jesus under the guidance of your pastor.