Residential Packet

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The most overwhelming stress we experience is the feeling of isolation as we struggle ON OUR OWN to cope with 21st Century life in the City of Sunbury, PA.

The “ON OUR OWN” perspective is where our ministry is focused. The good news is that if we look up to God you will learn that we are never alone. More good news is that God has inspired and called some area residents to reach out to assist you in coming to terms with your situation.

It is our desire to bring neighbors together to collaborate on ways to relieve the stress and the resulting angst of daily life by allowing God to solve your problems through a collaborative effort to help one another guided by biblical principles.

Your block chaplain wishes to form a long term relationship with your block to guide and assist the process by facilitating all the initiatives in which your block is willing to participate. May God bless you in this effort.